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Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork by Marc Trestman

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Quarterback Consultant
Marc is one of the most trusted and respected quarterback coaches in the game, having coached some of the games greatest QBs such as Steve Young, Rich Gannon and Anthony Calvillo. Marc's unprecedented success coaching the games most intricate position is why why every off-season, the top NFL draft prospects call on Marc to prepare for the their Pro Day and the NFL Combine. 

With a combination of in-depth classroom sessions and on-field workouts, Marc has help mold some of the NFL top quarterbacks. Some of the QBs who have been trained by Trestman include:

  • Brandon Weeden - Oklahoma State (22nd overall in the 1st round by the Browns - 2012 NFL Draft)
  • Brock Osweiler - Arizona State (2nd round pick by the Broncos - 2012 NFL Draft)
  • Tim Tebow - Florida (25th overall in the 1st round by the Broncos - 2010 NFL Draft)
  • Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame (2nd round pick by the Panthers - 2010 NFL Draft)
  • Jay Cutler - Vanderbilt (11th overall in the 1st round by the Broncos - 2006 NFL Draft)
  • Jason Campbell - Auburn (25th overall in the 1st round by the Redskins - 2005 NFL Draft)

"I thought it was my most important few days leading up to the draft. Getting to get up on the board and talk through west coast systems and then be able to go out on the field and put some of those things to use. Marc is an extremely knowledgeable football mind and with his obvious success everywhere he has been proves that he knows how to develop and teach quarterbacks." – Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden
"In the days I spent with coach Trestman preparing for the NFL combine, I became a better, sharper, more intelligent quarterback. Coach T taught me what being a professional quarterback was all about. Without question, coach Trestman made a huge impact on my rookie year as a player and a professional." – Denver Broncos QB Brock Osweiler