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Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork by Marc Trestman

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Marc’s time on the field has allowed him to hone considerable skills that are transferable to any endeavor where talent development, team building, dignity and outstanding leadership are required. Coaching NFL and CFL MVPs and countless Hall of Famers, Marc shares his vision with Leadership lessons from the Grey Cup to the Super Bowl.

From the Super Bowl to the NCAA National Championship Game to a Grey Cup victory, Marc Trestman knows what it means to win and lose at the highest levels of competition. In this talk, he draws on common themes he's relied on throughout his career to share lessons on teamwork, professional integrity, and what it takes to be a great leader. Surprisingly, many of his lessons have little to do with football. They are universal guidelines that can be applied to any field where high performance, under stress, is a must. Why is respect paramount to everything? What, specifically, are your goals and how do you accomplish them? How do you deal with adversity and -- maybe worse -- success? Equal parts motivation, strategy and travelogue, Trestman's cunning and passionate talk provides enough leadership lessons to last a lifetime.​